EFtex FSM 6 thread tightening control

  • an efficient and economically priced solution for permanent digital single thread measurement and product data recording
  • If the tolerance values are exceeded, a warning signal is triggered and the machine can either be stopped or thread delivery can be readjusted
  • The current tightening values can be read on the control device display and subsequently viewed and archived on an external PC
  • Use on warp knitting machines, web machines, knitting machines and other textile machines


FSM 6 control device with production data recording

  • 6 FSS 100 thread tightening sensors can be connected
  • Additional digital inputs allow production data recording
  • The parameters are entered via a control device or an external PC
  • All measurement values are permanently readable on the display (a measurement value appears on a larger LCD display at the desired intervals)
  • A signal is issued if the limit values entered are exceeded