Knit Stop KS 105

EFtex laser monitoring Knit Stop KS 105

  • Up to 8 laser light barriers can be connected
  • from 10 dtx to 25 m
  • Double weft monitoring
  • Air-Blower control
    The yarn break detector

Knit Stop KS 105 is a powerful system for the detection of

Yarn breaks in the warp of warp and raschel machines. The monitoring takes place

With the help of laser light barriers, through the safe and quick shutdown of the machine

is guaranteed. Losses are thereby optimally avoided.

The high reliability is ensured by several mutually controlling microcomputers.

Thanks to its modular design, the KS 105 can be adapted to the requirements of the respective machine.

A multifunctional display and a keyboard are already integrated in the device. With them all can

Functions are quickly and easily configured. This is achieved by a clear menu navigation




* Up to 8 independent laser light barrier units can be connected,

also configurable as 4 duo pairs

* Two channels can be used to monitor weft threads

* Vibration-insensitive laser light barriers with visible, harmless, red light

* Modular design makes it possible to adapt to the machine to be monitored

* The control of your air blower is also carried out by the KS 105

* Connection of a signal lamp possible